About Us

We believe in the power of a good vacation; and we live and breathe that philosophy.

Our family run business, established in 2013, thrives from taking time out for each other. From family hikes, to boat runs in the bay, to our little hideaway in Mexico. It's all good fun!

Co-Founders, David and Ruth, are avid surfers, and their recent addition to the family, is set to be one too. As an Ex Chief Stewardess, Ruth enjoys planning Charter vacations with added touches of surprise and exceptional attention to the smallest detail.

Whilst David spent many years as a Corporate Event Manager, and has a keen interest in Meteorology and Geography. Their team is based in San Diego, and operates internationally, with a global focus.

Focus on David

David Lueck Charter Super Yacht Luxury

Where is your favourite yachting destination?

I love the cruising grounds of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, for it's serene and unspoilt beauty. The wildlife is pretty amazing, and the highlight of a recent trip, was getting to see first hand the migration of the grey whales which amazingly commute to and from Mexico!

Speaking of Mexico, Baja is also high on my list. The grey whales give birth to their young in the shallow warm bays off the pacific coast of Baja, before migrating back to Alaska. And on the other side of this stunning peninsula is The Sea of Cortez, known to Jacque Cousteau as “the world’s aquarium”. Two words sum up this coastline, desolation and beauty.

How do you match your clients to the perfect yacht charter?

I get to know them. I take the time to get to know their personalities, needs and wants. I then research and brainstorm. And from there, I generate multiple yachts, itineraries, agendas and scenarios for them to look at. All this culminates into a bespoke vacation where dreams are made.

What is your top advice for first time charterers?

Don't be afraid to engage with the Crew. Allow them to get to know you. They are there to help you, and will be delighted to ensure that your onboard experience is the height of luxury.

How do you best deal with Jet Lag?

The first thing I do when I board the plane is set my watch to my destination. Then for the next 3 or 4 days I take a sleeping aid at night and have a very strong cup of coffee or two in the morning. This seems to force my body into a new sleeping pattern.

What is an interesting article that you always carry on trips?

Well I am a huge LA Dodgers fan, and I still use the transistor radio, that my Dad gave me when I was a kid. I love the crackle of an AM frequency. And sometimes if you're lucky, no matter where you are in the world, you'll stumble upon that magical station.