ibiza featured image

Re-discover the magic of the White Isle; Superclubs and Superyachts, the only way to visit Ibiza this summer

Think you know everything there is to know about Ibiza? Sun-burnt, rowdy and tacky tourists, shambolically stumbling from bar to bar? Desperate wannabes queuing for hours to gain entry to glimpse DJ idols at the latest Z-list celebrity haunt? Well, it’s time to think again, and visiting this Balearic paradise by boat is the only […]

Light Holic Charter Vacation

Take a trip on the Light fantastic; the perfect choice for your luxury vacation

Super Yacht Luxury has the great pleasure to present ‘Light Holic’ as the perfect choice for your next vacation. With the ideal blend of timeless, elegant styling, and free-flowing spaces punctuated with funky art works, ‘Light Holic’ is a perennial favourite on the yacht chartering scene. Impressive entertainment facilities, beautiful furnishings and chilled-out seating areas […]

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The perfect vessel to cruise to Catalina Island; Lovers Cove, Moonstone Beach and Avalon awaits!

This 60ft Hatteras yacht is the ideal choice for sun-soaked cruises around the San Diego Bay area; or for satisfying the adventurer within, head out that little bit further on a 3-day cruise to majestic Catalina island. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting at our permanent moorings in San Diego; always delighted to welcome […]

Famous Amalfi Coast

Sail the world-famous Amalfi coast and retrace the golden era of Hollywood

So much has been written about it, so many famous names have visited the area, that the very name itself has become synonymous with glamour, romance and style; indeed it’s simply one of the most evocative words in travel: ‘Amalfi’. Stars of the silver-screen such asĀ Elizabeth Taylor, Humprey Bogart and Grace Kelly came for the […]

Yachting in Montenegro; visit this jewel of the Adriatic before it loses its shine

There are so many reasons to visit Montenegro right now, and chartering a yacht is the ultimate way to explore this Balkan gem before word gets out, and unspoiled beaches give way to package holiday crowds. From soaring mountain peaks, to crystal clear lakes and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, with gorgeous and historic […]

Monaco Grand Prix Watching On A Yacht

Superyachts and supercars; grab your ringside seat for the greatest show on earth

The Monaco Grand Prix was first held in 1929, and is generally considered one of the most important, prestigious and glamorous events on the international sporting calendar. Since its inception, this frenetic and fabulous race has attracted the rich and famous to view first hand the exceptional driving skills of the very best in the […]

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