Yachting in Montenegro; visit this jewel of the Adriatic before it loses its shine


There are so many reasons to visit Montenegro right now, and chartering a yacht is the ultimate way to explore this Balkan gem before word gets out, and unspoiled beaches give way to package holiday crowds. From soaring mountain peaks, to crystal clear lakes and the turquoise waters of the Adriatic, with gorgeous and historic old towns plus a thriving party scene – there’s everything you could possibly need for your luxury vacation.

With opportunities to explore undiscovered coves and hundreds of uninhabited islands, yachting in Montenegro is a world away from the busy and well-trod routes of the Mediterranean. Pristine waters and welcoming, peaceful harbours offer the perfect escape for even the most seasoned charterer.


Why not drop anchor at the world-class marina of Porto Montenegro, where you can discover designer boutiques, funky bars, and an array of fine dining options.┬áThe pretty peninsula of Stevi Stefan is not to be missed; it’s ancient citadel now converted into one of Europe’s most prestigous spa hotels. As the summer warms up, head to the Venetian-esque cobbled streets of Budva old town and enjoy clubbing in style at Top Hill, and megastar concerts at Jaz beach.

History and culture can be found at every turn in Montenegro, from the 17th-century baroque palaces of Perast, to the high ramparts of Kotor, and on to ancient monasteries that sit timeless in quiet mountains. When you’re dead on your feet from a day of historic wonder, head back to your yacht haven to discover that perfect little cove, and swim in azure waters met by rugged mountains.


This relatively new yachting destination continues to grows in popularity in the yachting world each year, as the perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and luxurious decadence proves increasingly irresistible; why wait until it’s too late – book your luxury charter today.

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