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NEW luxury products, added to our range!

toilet tissue super yacht luxury

We’re always looking for new ways for you to impress your guests, and what better way to start with the little basics, often overlooked and taken for granted. If your guests are going to sleep in luxury, then why not give them a really luxury toilet experience!

Joseph’s Toiletries is an uber luxury brand of toilet tissue, totally designed around a luxury feel. I was dubious at first, concerned that these plush toilet tissues, which are more like an individual soft luxury padded rectangle make up remover, would clog the sensitive toilet systems, but they have been thoroughly tested.

Tests were done on yachts 38 – 51M, and passed flushability and dissolvability tests for a residential liner built with Scanship technology, and also recently tested with the JETS systems distributor. So they’re great for use onboard too! We’d love to send you a sample to try!

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